Who We Are

Hi, I'm
Philip Rubin

LondonTopSurgery is a bespoke ‘top surgery’ service run by me,  based in a beautiful part of North London situated close to Kenwood and the Hamstead Heath extension.

I trained in and previously practiced as a reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgeon. In recent years I have felt that the way to achieve excellence in Top surgery is to specialise almost exclusively in that area of surgery.

My Journey

My journey began at the end of secondary school. When deciding on a career I found myself conflicted between my love of painting and my interest in medicine. Ultimately I chose the latter figuring it was easier to informally continue with my art, which I continue to do to this day. If you are interested here is a link to some of my work.

In medical school my discovery of old plastic surgery texts with picture illustrations opened my eyes to the possibility of combining both passions.

During my plastic surgery training I had the good fortune to train with a number of plastic surgeons (including Dai Davies) who incorporated gender affirming surgery into their practice. I subsequently sought higher training in a number of areas including  micro surgery and cosmetic surgery.

My Mission

I increasingly specialised in gender affirming surgery from early in my consultant career. In 2017 after further training with Mr Nim Christopher, I joined St Peter’s Andrology specialising in the full range of stage I phalloplasty. My aim is to provide an easy to access, welcoming service that provides excellent care and gives the quality of result that patients are looking for. I try to ensure that patients are seen for their pre surgery consultation without delay and have their surgery if appropriate in a timely fashion. Where patients following surgery have questions or concerns I try to be available and deal with these promptly. I find Highgate a friendly hospital and feel proud to assert that it provides outstanding patient care, ensuring in-patient and post surgery care needs are met.