Bottom Surgery or Female to Male Genital Masculinising Surgery


Transfeminine bottom surgery, or feminising genital surgery, is the reconstruction process whereby the male genitalia is changed into female genitalia. Transfeminine bottom surgery is usually carried out as a single-stage procedure meaning the transformation is undertaken in one operation rather than multiple operations. 

The Process

There are different techniques used to perform bottom surgery across the world, but the most common is procedure called penile inversion vaginoplastyDuring a penile inversion your surgeon will make a carefully made incision between the rectum, urethra and prostate. This creates an opening that becomes your new vaginal tunnel. 

During the procedure, the plastic surgeon lines the inner of the tunnel lining with skin taken from the scrotum, penis and often both to construct the new vagina. If your your surgeon doesn’t have enough penile skin tissue to work with then it is common for the skin to be taken from the thigh or other areas of the body. However, most procedures do not require this to be carried out. 


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